2020 Visions

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2020 Visions:

A love story told over sixty years

In 2020 Visions, Paddy Gormley's play for audio, stage and screen, Alec, aged 80 in the year 2020, reflects on the three love affairs that shaped his life, in 1960, 1980 and 2000.  As his thoughts travel backwards and forwards in time, his younger selves and his lovers come to life and act out their stories.   The play is written in "proseverse": Paddy Gormley's unique style of writing that flows as naturally as prose but is based on intricate verse patterns.

The extended audio trailer includes Paddy Gormley's BBC radio interview about the project.

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2020 Visions:
Twenty years from page to stage

The remarkable story of the development of 2020 Visions is told in the video blog that ran for 27 episodes on YouTube in 2018 & 2019.

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2020 Visions:

Stage Play

The preview run of 2020 Visions was produced at the OSO Studio Theatre, Barnes, London, in 2019.  Mansel David played 80-year-old Alec, and Georgia Riley his carer, Ros.  James Price appeared as the three younger versions of Alec (20, 40 & 60).  Olivia Busby played all three of Alec's lovers:  Belinda (1960), Natasha (1980) & Lucy (2000). Maurice Thorogood directed.

2019 Programme

The programme book from the preview run of 2020 Visions includes informative articles about the structure and language of play, a map of the YouTube video blog, cast & music lists, and actor profiles..

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The playscript of 2020 Visions, based on the preview run, is available to PROFESSIONAL PRODUCERS ONLY as an attractive paperback, featuring detailed production notes and exensive audience feedback.  

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